Face Coverings post 19th July 2021

NHS England has confirmed that masks and social distancing measures WILL remain mandatory in all healthcare settings beyond 19th July. Patients and visitors will need to abide by these rules within our practice premises. These measures are put in place to ensure patients and staff as well as the healthcare service that we provide stays protected.

If you attend any appointment at the surgery with any clinician, we would require that you wear a mask when you get here for your appointment. We have masks that we will give and request that you wear the mask at all times during your appointment, to cover your mouth and nose during the whole period while you are in the surgery. We have not seen any convincing list of reasons to be exempt from wearing masks but we will understand if people with Dementia or Learning disabilities are not able to wear masks. We may decide not to carry out a face to face appointment if you refuse to wear the mask we offer, or to cover your mouth or nose at any point during your consultation. This is not something we want to do but we have to protect the service for all our patients. This means our staff should be protected from the Coronavirus infection in the same way we will do everything we can to protect you during your consultation.