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Tasburgh Lodge Surgery is part of the Research Site Initiative Scheme. The scheme is developed by the Primary Care Clinical Research Network in collaboration with the Royal College of General Practitioners to establish and maintain capacity and capability for practices in the locality to contribute to NIHR (National Institute for Health Research) portfolio research.

The lead GP taking part in the research is Dr Henderson with support from Mrs Gemma Selby.

We are currently taking part in the following research projects:

1) Med-HELP Study 

A study comprising text messaging and health care professional training to help people remember their statin medicines in primary care.

We have been allocated to the intervention arm of this study. Some patients on statins will receive regular messages reminding them to take their medication. 

There is a poster in the waiting room which contains more details. 

It is hoped that more regular medication taking will result in a decreased number of adverse events such as heart attacks in this group. 

This study has already started. 

2) DEFINE Study:

This study adds about 5 to 10 mins to the annual asthma check and involves an additional breathing test measuring the amount of detectable nitrous oxide blown out. 

The result can be used to help tailor an individual’s treatment to the amount of inflammation in the lungs. 

The study is looking at whether this makes a difference to the overall control of a patient’s asthma over time. 

We are are aiming to start inviting patients for this study in the near future