GP & Medical Student Training

We are a teaching practice of The University of Nottingham. We are involved in the training and education of GP Specialist Registrars and Medical Students. Our lead trainer is Dr Anna Henderson, who has a strong passion for teaching. She is ably supported by Dr Jijo Mathew, an approved associate trainer.

The trainees gain a huge amount of knowledge and experience from seeing patients under supervision from one of the regular GPs here: if you are willing for a student or GP trainee to see you this is much appreciated, you will be making a very significant contribution towards their training.

Medical students have not completed their initial medical training so are not qualified doctors, but being attached to our Practice gives them a good grounding in what General Practice is like and is designed to help students choose to become GPs after qualification rather than specialists in hospitals. Because they are not qualified doctors they cannot do many of the things our regular GPs can do and require a relatively high level of supervision, although they may be expected to talk to and examine patients on their own and then discuss their findings with the supervising GP. There will be a notice in Reception to alert you if you are coming for an appointment in a surgery which has a medical student in attendance: if you would rather not be seen by the student please notify Reception when you book in and the GP or Nurse you booked to see will see you without the student. Your preference will not affect the treatment you receive

GP trainees are qualified doctors and spend a longer time with us here to get invaluable experience of working as a GP in preparation for completing their General Practice Specialist Training. Because they are qualified doctors they can do everything the regular GPs here can do (order tests, prescribe, make referrals) and whilst they remain under supervision the level of supervision will depend on their experience.